Be persistent, not insistent!

Our company has chosen the MLM – Multi Level Marketing business model for the distribution of our products. We did so to reach a large number of consumers, satisfied clients.

Applying our sales techniques, using our products, being dedicated, studying the industry, practicing sales – building Distribution Networks, every partner can enjoy the results of their efforts. Anyone can do it by learning and adapting from those who already achieved success.

This system enabled many to feel empowered and believe in their ability to realize their goals and dreams.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you're right.” - Henry Ford

How to get started in an MLM business (METALUBS)?

To get started in an MLM business (METALUBS) you need to follow three steps:

  • to get informed about the business, products and logistics

  • to sign the member contract so that you are officially a part of Metalubs

  • to study the products, marketing plan and training program

In order to get INFORMED

  • participate in the presentation of the business opportunities

  • getting a presentation at home

  • consulting marketing material

  • watching video material and websites

JOINING Metalubs is done by signing the member contract offered by a representative, an authorized partner who will be your sponsor.


  • purchase products and services in order to experience the advantages they provide, participate in instruction programs organized by the Metalubs network (basic training, specialty seminars, management training, etc.)

  • practicing activities included in the marketing plan

  • personal instruction, reading specialty books

By following these steps you can achieve success from the very start without large investments!