2 Stage water filtration system

2 Stage water filtration system
Reliable, easy to use purifier providing high quality drinking water.
Product code: 825


Reliable, easy to use purifier providing high quality drinking water. No transformation, no tools needed for installation. The FH-CTF1 type small appliance has a two stage purification system.­ The first stage is a precision mechanical filter, the second step of filtration technology contains high quality granulated active carbon.


  • Completely removes free and bound chlorine and chlorine derivatives, i. e. trihalomethan that causes cancer, and chlorinates, that are always present when chlorination.

  • Filters materials that spoil taste and odor.

  • Filters floating dirt (rust, scale)

  • You can gain 30000 liters of clean, healthy water with it.

  • Reduces organic material content (with approx. 70%)

  • Does not remove the beneficial minerals your body needs (calcium, fluoride, magnesium)

  • Does not require much space, fits well next to the sink.

  • Easy to attach.

  • The carbon content is granulated, therefore it filters water much more efficiently than other carbon filters.

  • No more maintenance costs, only to replace the filter cartridge in every 6 months.

  • Cheap, reliable appliance, available for anyone.

  • You can take it with you for travel and install anywhere

  • The filter cartridge doesn’t need to be cleaned

  • Highly suggested for watering plants too

  • Works well with every household water pressure