Metalubs Semi-Synthetic Oil 10W-40 1l

Metalubs Semi-Synthetic Oil 10W-40 1l
Multi-purpose motor oil for all Otto and Diesel engines with or without turbo charger.
Product code: 630


Metalubs 10W-40 is a modern, partly synthetic multipurpose engine oil which reduces sludge due to special hydro-crack-raffinates. High alkaline reserves guarantee good corrosion protection. The new formulation saves fuel and reduces the oil consumption. Also suitable for motorbikes according to JASO MA standards. A multipurpose oil for every season. Also suitable for LPG/CNG motors according to the manufacturer´s instructions.


API SN / CF; ACEA A3-08 / B4-08; JASO MA


MB-Approval 229.1

Manufacturer performance

VW 505.00 / 502.00; PSA B71 2294; suitable for LPG / CNG motors according to manufacturer´s instructions


  • SAE Grade: 10W-40

  • Color / brown- yellow

  • Pour point / < -27 °C DIN ISO 3016

  • Viscosity / 100 °C / 14,4 mm²/s DIN 51562

  • Flashpoint / > 200 °C EN ISO 2592

  • Density (15 °C) / 0,87 g/cm³ DIN 51757

Made in Germany

1 l ℮ | 33.81 fl. Oz

Safety sheet

Download the safety sheet here: Safety Data Sheet 10W-40