Safe Guard-glass protection

Safe Guard-glass protection
Safeguard, the glass protection for visibility
Product code: 312


An innovative product to treat you windshield against the unfavorable weather conditions and keep your visibility at its best at all times. Safeguard helps you prevent the dangers caused by bad weather or light conditions.This unique treatment applied to windshields repel water, rain, and other elements which could reduce visibility specially at night. Once applied snow and ice can be removed with easy and will not stick to the glass. In contrast with other products in the industry, Safeguard has a lasting effect (up to 12 months) while other similar products will not last for a fraction of that time.


Step 1 – Precleaning: Thoroughly clean windshield and side view windows from grease and dirt. Dry the surface.

Step 2 – Application: Firmly hold the winged ampoule felt side down on the glass surface. Press the two wings together until the ampoule breaks, releasing the liquid. Evenly wipe with the felt surface over the glass until the total area is covered with Safeguard.

When SafeGuard reacts with the windshield surface, little droplets will appear, this is normal. After application wipe away with towels until dry. Do not leave any excess Safeguard on the windshield or any other surface.

NOTE! Once opened, Safeguard must be used within 15 minutes. Application temperature is between +4°C - +50°C. Apply only to the outside of the windshield. Safety Note: Keep out of reach of children!

Made in Germany