Retro car race in Târgu Secuiesc

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This year we had the chance to participate in the annual event Klausenburg Retro Racing, organized between 12-14 Mai on the Skat-Kart track. The opening festivity on Gabor Áron market was a huge success with thousands of participants.

The fourth edition of the race – usually organized in Cluj Napoca – had its first debut in the city of guilds. At the opening ceremony the participating cars where displayed at the city center.

Our colleagues were met with great interest by the participants thanks to our products that help restore and conserve the performance of old-timers. In the fallowing two days the race went on at the Skat-Kart track, where participants showed their skill and delighted to crowd on the wet or semi-dry track. The lucky ones got the start on a dry track while the rest had to skate on a wet track. The Metalubs car, a spectacular Mercedes Benz SL 450, made in 1976 had a great performance and took the 3rd place in its category, without being specially prepared for the race. The laps were 1400 meters long and the racers had to cover a total of 4300 meters, of witch 2800 were timed.

Among the participants were many national rally champions and many who had cars over 30 years old.

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